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About Us

What is Run4Dreams?

Run4Dreams is Virtual 5k Race, where the proceeds from registration will be donated to Help Fill a Dream Foundation.  A Virtual Race is a race that you can run, walk or jog at any time anywhere. You can choose to do it with friends or by yourself, on the trails or on the road, on the treadmill or at another local race that's happening in your hometown. You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself. Then, submit your Garmin, Strava or another running app results. You can also submit your results from a local race. For example, if you are running the Seattle Half Marathon, you can submit the link to your official results and we will be able to see your 5k split time.   

Participants will have a chance to win great draw prizes, score discounts to the Dream Strides store, accomplish their fitness goals, become part of a supportive community, and get free stuff, while supporting a great cause at the same time.

How it started...

Hi, I'm Yana-your Run4Dreams Director. I'm very passionate about giving back to the community and my only goal with Run4Dreams is for all of us to raise as much money as possible for Help Fill a Dream Foundation. After spending several years as a self-employed fitness entrepreneur and achieving major milestones, such as getting my first mortgage approved, I decided to pursue a corporate career. As a personal trainer, I was putting in 60-80 hours a week, which didn't leave me with as much spare time as I wanted to put into community service and charity work. An injury in 2016 meant that I was no longer able to work as a personal trainer full-time in the gym. As a running coach, I’ve helped multiple clients achieve personal bests in nearly every running distance and have organized a number of run clinics for Viking Air and MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op). I’m a nationally published fitness writer and my work has been seen in Canadian Running, Ageless Living and CVV Magazines, as well as a number of other print and online publications. In addition to working a full-time corporate job, I’m also a Reserve Logistics Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. One day, I had just finished work and was doing my regular 10k lap around the Victoria Airport, when the idea of Run4Dreams came into my head. The idea was to create a Virtual 5k race that inspires cubicle dwellers, who are runners and walkers of all levels, to be active, live a healthy lifestyle and give back to the community. I have a desire to inspire other cubicle dwellers to #run4dreams. Workplace wellness is very important to me. Additionally, I hope to unite the running community all over the world and Run4Dreams is a good way to do that. When it comes to being a part of Run4Dreams, it doesn't matter if you are an elite athlete or a walker who is just exploring the idea of running. My goal with Run4Dreams is to encourage as many people as possible to participate, so that together we can raise more money for charity. I would like to work with other coaches, trainers and corporations to inspire their clients and employees to Run4Dreams. Everyone has the ability to #run4dreams, be healthier and achieve work-life balance while giving back to the community.

Why do this?

  The goal of this event is to make a difference in the lives of children under the age of 19 with life-threatening conditions by fulfilling their Dreams and assisting their families with care and financial support. Help Fill a Dream Foundation has made a tremendous difference in the lives of many children who are suffering from critical illnesses. One of those people is Jerry Hughes, who grew up to serve as a huge inspiration to many people. Jerry was born with a rare genetic disorder called Gardner’s Syndrome. He overcame it and became one of the top ultra marathoners in Canada. Help Fill a Dream Foundation has made a huge positive impact on his life when he was younger. He has two young kids of his own now and there is a chance that they might have inherited the disorder too (too young to find out) and the thought of them having it breaks my heart. In addition to raising money for a great charity, Run4Dreams aims to unite the entire running community. When participants chose to #run4dreams, they are doing so because they are looking to make a positive impact on the community while having fun doing an activity they love-running!  

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